Frankey & Sandrino


The German duo never disappoints! Following releases on Moodmusic, Innervisions, Mule Musiq, and Kompakt, they've became rising stars of the electronic music scene, and we never miss an opportunity to catch one of their sets. Talented DJs and producers, they wanted to go further and decided to create their own label : Sum Over Histories.  After a great compilation in 2016 and en EP by Lazaros, they signed a third release under their own name. We loved it from the very first listen, and especially fell in love with Solaris, so it was an honour for us to premiere it. We cannot wait to see what's next.



We welcome back Lazaros on Frankey & Sandrino’s label, Sum Over Histories. 

Going through his Greek origin, this four-track second EP from Lazaros is much more personal, with him telling us his private story. 

The track 'Sympan', which is also the EP’s title, is both hypnotic and comfortable.  

It makes you feel at home wherever you are, as well as creating a deep connection with you and with everything around you. It truly is a passkey to the host and safety of the whole universe, of the all, of the Sympan itself. So relax, and let the melody flow.

Konvex & The Shadow


Konvex & the Shadow returns with full force on Azzur with a new solo EP produced in honor of his recently newly born baby 'Eva'...  

With Darkside, Konvex focuses on percussive elements and creates a perfect indie orientated dancefloor weapon.




The mysterious Nuiton returns, with a 3-track release on Exit Strategy more than a year after his Cherry Protocol EP. The results are similarly hypnotic - a combination of middle of the night techno weapons that grab hold of dancers and refuse to let go.

Arne Spremberg


We discovered this Berlin-based producer and KaterBlau resident thanks to his first EP : Dilemma. Released on his label Domum, he worked on different styles with remixes from Man Power and Narciss. New talents to follow!

'Narciss and I are long time friends. In fact, we went to school together - in Berlin area Schöneberg. So it was obvious anyway that he's going to make a remix for my label launch and it was a nice surprise for me, that he dedicated it to the place of our adolescence - Schöneberg. Quite well thought out from him since the label's name 'Domum' is latin for 'Home'. I love the way he extracted the harmonics and put them into such an emotional breakbeat banger. Since he sent me the first version, it's by far my favorite set-closer!'

Anthony Georges Patrice


Anthony Georges Patrice, notably known by his 'Parallel Romance' release on Lossless, is joining the Azzur small family with a first EP entitled 'Freedom Avenue'.  

The Berlin-based producer offers us 3 melodic techno tracks which prove once again his skill for producing timeless electronic music. AGP takes the time to produce his music, he is meticulous and only delivers the best. 

Definitely inspired by the legendary Panorama Bar, this EP is a journey into Anthony's world. A world made of emotional synths, sophisticated drum patterns and growing tensions which will create with no doubt some epic moments during your DJ-sets. 


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