David August - D’ANGELO | An Italian Masterpiece

david august

After just over a year hiatus, David August is back with his mesmerisingly beautiful album, D’ANGELO.

A big influence in this album comes from August’s Italian roots, sprinkled with the classical music training from his personal background. Whilst each track allows us to be taken on a journey from start to finish, it has also allowed August to express himself in ways he has never done so before.

D’ANGELO opens up in the way every album should. NARCISO builds up a gentle breeze of chords until vocals intricately weave themselves into the melody. Much like the Greek myth of Narciso, the track builds up and crashes down until each sound escapes and fades away.

THE LIFE OF MERISI, 33CHANTS and D’ANGELO,bring a puncier sound to a somewhat mythical and ambient release. D’ANGELO is the obvious star of the show, where tantalising snares snap along, pulling back and forth as the track progresses with beams of dazzling chords continuing till the end. THE LIFE OF MERSI helps to move the album forward halfway, rolling along intensely until it breaks down to complete calm. August has conveyed Caravaggio’s  chaotic life in this particular track, where a doldrum of intense emotions blended with rip-roaring saxophones portray this in the most beautiful way.

Softer, more instrumental and classical driven tracks take the form of FLORENCE, ELYSIAN FIELDS and TRUE HEART. Not only do they provide a good balance of the heavier sounding songs, but they allow August to showcase his true musical genius.

At times, D’ANGELO feels very much like an extension of August’s ‘Times’ album, where he mixes vocals with slow break beats, mysterious melodies and jazzier sounds. However, this is a much more mature David, who has recently delved deeper into his Italian heritage and has been able to transcribe his discoveries musically. Even more so, D’ANGELO is much more of a masterpiece, where shimmering vocals and sublime, nerve tingling chords take the forefront - a distinct progression from from his Diyamic releases 6 years ago.

Anyone who’s an avid follower of August will agree he’s finally found his true musical ground, and for those who are new listeners to this ingenious artist, well, you’ve come just at the right time.

By Joanne Philpott

Coralie Lauren