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 We are only in June, but we can say without a doubt that her latest record on Permanent Vacation is going to be in our top 10 for 2018. Brazilian born Daniela Caldellas, also know as TERR, lives in Barcelona. After a few releases on Scuba’s Hotflush and on Needwant, the “Have you Ever” EP was released last March and quickly made some huge waves in the music community (and immediately found its way into our vinyl collection). Today we ask Terr a few questions about her background and future projects.

First of all, how are you doing today?

I am fine, thank you for asking! The weather is not too hot and not too cold here in Barcelona and I have been working on a lot of new music and loving the results! I feel more inspired than ever before and that definitely makes me feel good.

How did you get started with electronic music?

It was when I discovered The Chemical Brothers, and all of the psychedelic electronic movement, it totally blew my mind. Then arrived the electroclash years and I loved it – the scene, the music and the whole aesthetic. I have always played the piano and the guitar and used to compose some music by myself in my bedroom. At this point I said to myself “Well, I can do this”. Then I started learning how to program and began DJ’ing as well.



You grew up in Brazil but you are currently living in Barcelona. Has this move influenced your sound?

Everything in life is an influence; people, emotions, new music, old music, memories, the weather, movies, politics, books…..anything! My music is the result of the sum of everything I have lived so far, so I am sure that moving to Barcelona has influenced me in more ways than I know.



What does 'TERR' stand for?

It's the name of the main character from the French-Czech 1973 movie ‘Fantastic Planet’. One of the best movies I have ever seen in my life! I loved the name since I saw the movie for the first time, so it was an easy decision when I started the project, to think of a name.


In videos of your studio I noticed a Sub 37, some modular synth, an SQ1 by Korg and a lot more. Do you have any favourites?

Lately, I have been using the Korg Minilogue a lot, as well as the Moog SubPhatty and the Sub37. I am really into analog stuff and their warmth. I am also addicted to the Roland Boutique series, like the JU06, they are huge beasts inside a small box, simple and incredible. I should also menton the Access Virus, that is like a Swiss army knife for electronic music. For effects, I am totally addicted to Strymon’s Big Sky and TimeLine, they sound like anything else in the realm of echoing and reverberation.



Can you tell us more about the making of “Have you ever?” EP? Did you have any particular influences?

Every song on the EP is different, I think it reflects the fact that I am very open to different styles of music. The title track ‘Have You Ever’ is a bit 80’s ish, with vocals, melodies etc… Something that my mom would understand as music. ‘Twenty Thousand Leagues’ is more experimental, with Kraftwerk influences, I think. And ‘Memoir’ is more house and disco. I never start a song thinking where it should go, I just let the creativity flow and see where it takes me…


What artists and music are you listening to these days?

I am very eclectic. I love Brazilian music like Bossa Nova and Samba from the 60’s and 70’s, Brazilian Psychedelic music from the 70’s from the cultural movement called ‘Tropicalismo’, which had a huge influence on my compositions. Recently, I discovered some new gems from musician from New Zealand called Connan Mockasin, and not forgetting Jon Hopkins, his new album is blowing my mind. Great artists like Philip Glass, Brian Eno, Gary Numan and Kate Bush are always featured in my playlists.




When you are making music, do you have a specific workflow, or every track is different? What do you take longest on?

Each track is individual in that sense, as sometimes I’m at my studio in Barcelona, sometimes I’m in Brazil for a gig, or getting to spend some time with my family, and sometimes I am on the road and only have my computer with me, so my workflow and production options change a lot depending on where I am. Its good though, because every track comes out different because of that, along with a new story and a new challenge, I never get bored.



We know that you are working on building a live show. How is that coming along? Can you tell us more about upcoming records and gigs?

I love to DJ, but I also love the option to perform live with music; experimenting, trying new things, new structures, reverbs, filters and so on. I love to break my songs up and re-do them in a completely different way, so it was natural for me to think about the live set eventually. I’ve been developing it for some time and I hope to start doing the live shows soon. As for my releases, I have some new music signed, but I am sworn to secrecy at the moment, and can’t tell you who for! I have been working on a lot of new music lately, so you can expect more and more from me in the near future!


Interview by Dario Dea

Coralie Lauren