Our whole project started as a community we created on Facebook.

We thought it was important for us to explain a little more our course and how groups are essential to our work.




Two years ago, some French music lovers were tired of the industrial techno vibe going on there and decided to create their own space to share this deeper, melodic electronic sound they liked so much.

So was born the Facebook group Melodic Diggers: dedicated to sharing tracks, videos, interviews and more about this kind of music; it grew surprisingly fast, with now over 13k members from all around the world.

It is the essence of our project, and gave us the opportunity to become promoters, festival reporters and lead us to many projects and to creating this website.

13K members



From the very beginning, Innervisions, and the work of its founders Dixon & Âme, have been our biggest inspiration and one of the reasons why we wanted to dedicate a part of our life to music.

A year ago we decided to create a group about this music label, so that fans like us could talk and share about their favorite artists all day long without feeling guilty.

It is amazing to see some of the artists contribute and answer their fans, and to see what a nice community it has become.

7K members

Artwork by  Pepedsgn

Artwork by Pepedsgn





Since we created Innervisions Fans, groups decidated to music labels multiplied on Facebook.

Several members of our team have always been true fans of Life And Death too, so we decided to create a space to share about this insanely good label run by DJ Tennis.

650 members