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It all started as a Facebook group to share music 3 years ago. The Melodic Diggers community spread and lead us to create Innervisions Fans and Life & Death Fans (more info below). Our fan page remains in the center of our project, giving the official announcements from events to festival reports, and more.

10K fans



This project was initially created to share music. Naturally, our Soundcloud channel grew by sharing exclusive podcasts and premieres from producers and DJs we love, but also from new talents we were glad to discover.

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We like photography, we like art, design and images in general, which is why we love Instagram. This network allows us to show our vision, inspirations, and communicate in a personal and unique way.

From exclusive festival videos to content from our own events, we aim to inspire.



The creation of our YouTube channel followed the creation of the group 3 years ago. Quality video footage, backstage moments and exclusive interviews are the essence of the channel. Surprisingly, big medias like Be At TV often repost our video footage on their own socials.

Up to 100K views / video





Three years ago, in a French city where techno music was all about BPMs and big kicks, an electronic music aficionado decided to create a space where music should rhyme with beauty. No one knew this place to share a deeper, melodic electronic sound would become so popular.

Gradually building a team, creating projects, sharing ideas, we went from party ravers to professionals from the electronic music industry and got to work with some of the artists who inspired us to begin this project in the first place.

Melodic Diggers is now international with a team divided into two countries, and its audience is even more: stats show people come from all over the world, from Europe to USA, Africa, Argentina, Israel, Australia, Brasil and more.

15K members




From the very beginning, Innervisions, and the work of its founders Dixon & Âme, have been a big inspiration and probably one of the reasons why we wanted to dedicate so much time to music.

The Melodic Diggers community becoming more and more popular, and seeing a lot of posts about the label on the group, we decided to create a dedicated space.

It was a good idea indeed: many fans finally found a place to discuss music, events, share videos, and even speak to the label when they sometimes answer comments.

Label boss Dixon gave an exclusive interview to the Innervisions Fans, primarily shared on the group, and now available on our website here.

10K members



Another big source of inspiration for us was the long-time work of DJ Tennis, recently giving to his label Life And Death a new direction that we liked even more.

With this new group, fans can finally share exclusive content from label parties, music, and discuss events, and we are very glad to see the community grow everyday.

1K members



Internet communities with a big following, festival reports, music channel, and more importantly events: Melodic Diggers is a complete project, which likes to show all aspects from the electronic music scene to its audience.

Originally a French project, our team recently spread to London, and we are now working to make Melodic Diggers international.

Music and art aficionados, we like to discover new talents everyday. What matters to us is quality, rather than popularity. From music to scenography, photography, graphic design, lightning or other forms of art: our wish is to offer a different experience by mixing genres. Feel free to contact us if you believe our visions match.



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